5 Fascinating Tips for an Eco-friendly Home Décor.

People have now started to become more aware of how their actions affect the environment. Subsequently, more people are turning their homes into eco-friendly ones. While this is a good indicator, there are many people who don’t know where to start.
So here we have curated five tips for you, which will give you insights on how your can start your eco-friendly home decor journey.

Choose your wood carefully
Select wooden furniture or products which have FSC mark. This mark ensures that the wood has been harvested keeping in mind the sustainability of forests.

Avoid carpets
Manufacturing a carpet involves a lot of chemicals and pollutants. It even releases toxins during its lifespan. Switch to eco-friendly carpets.

Green paints
Conventional paints contains volatile organic compounds or VOCs which are harmful for both humans and environment. Thus it is better to use an eco-friendly paint.

Plants & More Plants
Plants can give any space a different and fresh look. There are even some plants like palms that can increase oxygen levels and purify your house.

Try to relocate the furniture and shelves around, and rearrange your artworks in a different place. This simple change of scenery can make all the difference.

Young woman decorating bedroom with beautiful flowers at home

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